Olevio - Your Best Olive Oil Brand

olive oil flow bottle Olevio is a reseller of Portuguese Extra Virgin, Virgin and Refined olive oil, as well as selected canned and stuffed olives. Successful cooperation with major olive oil and pickled olives producers, freight forwarders and shipping lines enables the company to export premium products to the EU, CIS and Baltic countries. The production of Olevio olive oil is concentrated in Portuguese provinces of Alentejo and Thras-os-Montes. Our company offers the largest selection of organic and kosher olive oil, olives and Premium olive oil, olive oil for food production and cosmetic industry. Olevio product line combines top quality of hand-picked olives and the optimal value of the goods reached ​​through vast experience, constant modernization and optimization of the transport costs. There are numerous resellers of olive oil in the world today but a few of them are consistent with the standards and principles inherent in the Olevio company – an olive brand created by gourmets for the true connoisseurs of quality.

Selling Olive Oil Globally

olive oil bulk export Olevio olive oil made of Cobrancosa, Verdeal Trasmontana, Madural, Cordovil and Galega olive sorts features fine fruity aroma with traceable delicate herbal notes. Thanks to the peculiarities of climate, olives grown in Portugal have greater richness in comparison with the Spanish and Greek ones. As a result, the oil obtained by extraction, has less acidity, more pleasant and mild flavor and moderate fat content. The exceptional quality of Extra Virgin, Virgin and Refined olive oil distributed by the Olevio brand is achieved by strict control at all stages of production. The company's specialists cooperate only with the best manufacturers that offer unsurpassed quality and have been noted the Portuguese state awards. Each package of canned olives and olive oil that we sell has a separate certificate of quality of international standard, including the exact date and time of collection, composition and performance, the sort of olives, and the region of collection.

Types of 'Olevio' olive oil to purchase

'Olevio' is one of the best olive oil brands. We sell Extra Virgin, Virgin and Refined olive oil globally.