Cold Pressed Olive Oil from Portugal

The color, flavor and aroma of olive oil are all characteristics which determine a high quality, delicious olive oil. But quality goes a lot deeper than just the outer attributes. It all starts while the olive is still growing on the tree.

Factors that contribute to fruity, delicious oil include growing conditions, time of harvest and means of harvesting. From there it continues on to production, storage and transportation.

At Olevio we optimize every stage from olive growth to oil extraction; from oil storage to oil transportation. We believe we can bring the world’s best olive oil straight from the olive tree to the tables of olive oil consumers and we would love to be given the opportunity to prove it to you.

What is cold pressed olive oil?

When olive oil is extracted below a certain specified temperature, it is known to be cold pressed olive oil. This is a general rule, as different countries have different agreements on how to define this term.

Cold pressed olive oil is believed to be the best way to produce the oil, because heating oil starts a degradation process which is not good for the oil. Heat promotes rancidity, decreases quality and shortens the shelf life of olive oil.

Olevio’s premium cold-pressed olive oil has a taste and quality you just cannot surpass.

What is fresh pressed olive oil?

With the debate over what some olive oil manufacturing terms actually mean, it is generally agreed that fresh pressed olive oil is fresh, cold press olive oil. Therefore, it is essential to know the date of manufacture.

Here at Olevio, there are no secrets. Each package of canned olives and each package of olive oil we sell shows the exact date and time of collection. We ensure freshness, so you do not have to worry about it.

What is first pressed olive oil?

This term originated hundreds of years ago when olives were pressed with increasingly high pressure to extract oil in several stages. While this term is not widely used, first press olive oil is associated with extra virgin or cold-pressed olive oil. It is sometimes used interchangeably with first cold pressed olive oil.

The important part to remember amidst all these olive oil manufacturing terms is that Olevio olive oils are the world’s premium cold-pressed oils, protected from the degrading nature of heat in the manufacture process.

When looking for the best cold pressed olive oil, the Olevio brand comes out on top. We rise above the rest because we care about bringing you the very best. Try ordering from Olevio today and you will see why so many have come to know and trust the Olevio brand.