Olevio Best Portugal Extra Virgin Olive Oil

What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

The highest quality of olive oil is the one labeled extra virgin. This term means several things, according to International Olive Oil Council. The following characteristics describe the essential distinctions of this Old World Treasure:

Unfortunately, not all countries and states have adopted these requirements in their definition for extra virgin olive oil, so the consumer must be aware of this. Olevio brand olive oil knows and upholds these international standards. All of our olive oils – extra virgin, virgin and refined are the highest quality. You can order online today and test our quality guarantee.

Benefits for Using Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil which is guaranteed to be extra virgin is of the utmost quality. The collection, extraction and storage have been handled with care and under the strictest standards. This oil is sought after by olive oil aficionados worldwide.

What are Traits of the Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

It’s been called liquid gold, the elixir of the gods, and the treasure of the Mediterranean. No matter what name it is called by, olive oil extra virgin has supreme attributes that you cannot ignore:

Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil has been extracted from the olives under conditions which meet standards of temperature restrictions. This method results in oil with higher content of Vitamin E and less tendency for the oil to have been damaged by heat, which is a premium extraction method for this kind of olive oil.

Olevio olive oil proudly bears the Portuguese state awards for quality and excellence.

Where to buy extra virgin olive oil online?

When searching for the best extra virgin olive oil brands online, look no further than Olevio. We carry the highest quality Portuguese olive oil offered from the fine, fruity olives grown in Portugal. Our hand-picked olives are pressed with care and our oil has a global reputation for its impeccable flavor.

Online ordering is easy; just use our simple ordering form here on our website at Olevio.com or contact us for assistance. We look forward to serving you.