The world demand for olive oil has been increasing over the past years as more people realize the heart benefits of this healthy oil. Olevio is a global olive oil company, providing the finest Portuguese olive oils to the rest of the world.

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There are many online companies trying to promote olive oil sales from their websites. Not all websites are trustworthy so choose carefully. Olevio sells trusted brands created by true connoisseurs of quality.

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Our Company Has Quality Olive Oil For Sale

Here at Olevio we provide you with the highest quality olive oil, made from the Cobrancosa, Cordovil, Galega, Madural and Verdeal Trasmontana olives. The fine fruity aroma and delicate herbal notes these olives impart to the oil will delight the taste buds and enhance your cuisine.

Olevio provides olive oil for sale online for your convenience, so that you can experience the taste of Portugal from your own home. Olives grown in Portugal are famous for their richness and flavor, surpassing those of even Spain and Greece.

History of World Olive Oil Sales

There was once a time when olive oil was worth its weight in gold. Considered a treasure of the ancient world, olive oil has bestowed both health and wealth on the cultures that grew and harvested this magnificent fruit.

The roots of the first olive oil sale lie in the legend of the ancient Greek Gods, after Athena made a gift of an olive tree to humanity. From there it was discovered that the olive tree offered many health benefits, including protection from the sun when the leaves are rubbed on the skin.

It is believed that olive trees were cultivated in Portugal as early as the Bronze Age, and Portugal today produces some of the highest quality, pleasant flavored gourmet olive oil available.

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When looking for an olive oil sale on the internet, look no farther than Olevio premium olive oil resellers. You will be able to taste the difference that superb quality brings. Our oil has won the Portuguese state awards, and comes with a certificate of quality of international standard. You can expect unsurpassed excellence from Olevio Olive Oil.

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