Olive Oil Importers

Olive oil purchasers and consumers go online every day looking for olive oil to buy. But how can one find a trustworthy olive oil importer? Not every website professing to carry quality olive oil can be trusted.

Legitimate olive oil importers

It is important to purchase your olive oil from a company who:

Olevio olive oil stands by all of the highest principles and standards in olive collection and extraction of the oil. We use constantly modernized transportation methods to optimize costs, so the savings can be passed on to the consumer.

Olevio is a legitimate olive oil company. We are a reseller of olive oil that has been extracted from Portugal’s finest olives. The Olevio brand was created by gourmets for everyone who truly enjoys and appreciates the flavor of the world’s finest olive oil.

You can find imported olive oil online

Here at Olevio we bring the flavor of Portugal’s premium olives to the table of the consumer, no matter what corner of the world they may be in. We are a global olive oil company offering our best olive oil products online for easy ordering. The rich olives grown in Alentejo and Thras-os-Montes, famous olive provinces in Portugal, impart a fine fruity aroma and delicate herbal taste to our finest olive oils.

Whether you are searching online for olive oil importers USA or for any other country, look to Olevio for the finest quality olive oil and canned olives available. Our company is a brand you can trust, with a level of quality gourmet around the world have deemed as world class.

Why import olive oil?

Olive trees require specific soil and growing conditions to produce premium fruit. Olive trees can grow and produce olives for hundreds of years. Some olive trees have been dated as being over 1,000 years old. In Portugal, olive trees have been growing and thriving since the Bronze Age.

Portugal has prime growing conditions for olive trees, and those trees produce some of the most luscious and sought-after olive oil that can be found in the world. Unless you live in Portugal, importing olive oil is really the only way to have the opportunity to partake of the best olive oil produced anywhere.

Olive oil imports from Portugal by companies such as the Olevio brand have increased in recent years as more and more people are discovering not only the health benefits of high quality olive oil, but also the impeccable taste and incredible versatility of extra virgin olive oil. Olevio is an olive oil import company that harvests the finest Portuguese olives to bring the best olive oil to your table. Order Olevio olive oil online today and taste the difference quality makes.