Portuguese Olive Oil Producer

Olevio is a high quality olive oil producer. We bring you the fresh flavor and fragrance of Portugal’s finest olives in our premium Olevio brand olive oil and canned olives. Our company has extensive experience as one of the major producers of olive oil globally.

Our premium olives are grown in the Alentejo and Thras-os-Montes provinces of Portugal. Kosher and organic olive oil, canned olives and superior quality olive oil are just a few of the many options of premium olive and olive oil products we offer. Additionally, we offer olive oil for use in the food and cosmetic industries.

The Olevio brand is well known as olive oil producers of the finest extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil and refined olive oil and premium canned olives. Try our products today and you will taste the difference quality makes.

Best olive oil producers online

Olevio is a legitimate online olive oil supplier, with a credible and trustworthy history of bringing quality olive oil from the trees in Portugal to your table. The exceptional quality of our olive oil is renowned by gourmets all over the world.

We offer simple online ordering to fill all your needs. You will be surprised at the high quality olive oil you can purchase at affordable prices, even wholesale prices for bulk quantities.

Best olive oil manufacturers in Portugal

Olive trees have been growing in Portugal for thousands of years. The climate conditions, soil and terrain are perfect for this ancient tree, believed by some to be a gift from the Greek gods. Olevio harnesses these ultimate conditions for olive oil production by choosing the best olive sorts in the best areas of Portugal for their exclusive olive oil extraction.

The olive types used in our premium quality olive oil are Cobrancosa, Galega, Verdeal Trasmontana, Cordovil and Madural olives. These lend a fine fruity fragrance and flavor with traceable tender herbal undertones. This makes Olevio olive oil the finest quality olive oil in every way.

Best organic extra virgin olive oil manufacturer

Organic extra virgin olive oil is the best of the best when it comes to olive oil quality. Discriminating chefs, gourmets and lovers of olive oil know that Olevio is the brand to go to for the ultimate in quality. Our prices are also meant to suit the needs of everyone.

When searching for the best olive oil manufacturers online, look no further than the Olevio company. We provide exceptional quality and excellent service. Each one of our olive oil products and canned olives are given its own certificate, indicating that it meets or exceeds international quality standards. Included on the certificate is pertinent data about the olives, such as the time and date they were collected, types of olives used and region they were collected. This is part of our guarantee to you that you are receiving only the very best quality available.

Order Olevio brand olive oil and experience the difference that quality and experience brings. When you order today you will receive the ultimate in excellent customer service and you can expect only the finest, premium quality olive oil will be delivered. You can count on Olevio.